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Doctor with a patient

New Patient or Second Opinion Appointments

If you are newly diagnosed with cancer or seeking a second opinion, you do not have to wait to be seen because of COVID-19. We are actively scheduling new appointments and offering virtual visits for new patients and those in need of a second opinion. If it is recommended for a patient to come into Moffitt for further testing or imaging scans after a virtual visit, rest assured Moffitt is the safest place for cancer patients to receive the best care. 

Reevaluating Appointments

Moffitt had been carefully delaying or postponing elective surgeries, procedures and appointments. Now that Florida is reopening and hospitals are allowed to resume elective procedures, our schedulers are reaching out to patients who have been affected. We are also testing these patients for COVID-19 ahead of time for everyone’s safety. If you have questions about your procedure or cancer treatment, please contact your health care team via the Patient Portal.

Patients who are unable to travel to Moffitt for upcoming appointments should also contact their health care team via the Patient Portal to determine if you are eligible for virtual visits and to determine next steps for care.

Should I cancel my treatment or follow-up appointments at Moffitt?

If you have a scheduled appointment at Moffitt and have tested positive for COVID-19 in the community or are experiencing respiratory symptoms, please call the Patient Care Hotline at 813-745-8000 before your upcoming appointment so we can plan appropriately. You’ll receive guidance and learn about eligibility for virtual visits. This will help us keep you safe, as well as the team members caring for you.

What if I want to postpone my appointment?

Contact your health care team via the Patient Portal to determine if you are eligible for virtual visits and other options.