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If your brain cancer treatment plan involves surgery, you’ll want to work with the best neurosurgeon for you. Consider Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. The diverse group of specialists in our Neuro-Oncology Program includes fellowship-trained surgeons who have performed thousands of highly advanced and intricate procedures, such as awake craniotomies and MRI-guided laser ablations, with an exceptional level of skill. Our uniquely qualified team is dedicated to providing a streamlined patient experience that spans from discovery to recovery.

In one centralized location, Moffitt offers a full range of the latest treatments for targeting and destroying tumors affecting the brain, skull base and spine. In addition to highly advanced neurosurgical treatments, our other options include:

  • Radiation therapy, including advanced, three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery and intensity-modulated radiation therapy, each of which is designed to precisely deliver high-energy beams to a tumor while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue
  • Chemotherapy, including oral and intravenous medications, as well as intrathecal chemotherapy, which delivers powerful medications directly into the intrathecal space in the spine
  • Biological, immunological, genetic and hormone therapies, including anti-angiogenic agents, interferon and interleukin therapies, antisense therapy and treatments that target anti-estrogen and anti-progesterone receptors

To identify the course of treatment that is most likely to produce the best possible outcome and quality of life, our multispecialty team performs a collaborative and comprehensive review of each patient’s diagnostic information, which may include the results of molecular profiling, advanced neuroimaging and neurocognitive testing.

As a National Cancer Institute-designed Comprehensive Cancer Center, Moffitt is also widely recognized for its research breakthroughs and robust clinical trials program, through which many of our patients have unique opportunities to benefit from promising new brain tumor treatments as soon as they become available. As would be expected from the best neurosurgeon in Tampa, Florida, Moffitt’s treatment team closely monitors each patient’s progress on an ongoing basis and continually refines his or her course of treatment as appropriate.

In sum, you are an individual with unique needs and preferences. To find the best neurosurgeon for you, you are encouraged to come to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. You can call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our new patient registration form online to request a visit. We accept new patients into our Neuro-Oncology Program with and without referrals.

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