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Residents of Orlando, Florida, can access the latest advances in brain cancer treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center in nearby Tampa. As a high-volume cancer center with a dedicated Neuro-Oncology Program, Moffitt stands at the forefront of treatment for primary and metastasized brain tumors along with malignancies of the skull base and spine.

The goal of brain cancer treatment is often to remove as much of the tumor as is safely possible, prevent the spread of disease and improve the patient’s overall quality of life. The multispecialty team at Moffitt takes an individualized approach to treatment to best reach these goals. Our tumor board collaboratively develops individualized treatment plans to accommodate each patient’s unique needs and achieve the best possible outcomes.

At Moffitt, a brain cancer treatment plan may include an individualized combination of:

  • Surgery using advanced techniques like MRI-guided laser ablation to remove cancerous growths without damaging surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Oral, intravenous or intrathecal chemotherapy to help destroy cancer cells that have spread to other areas of the body
  • Radiation therapy options, such as intensity-modulated radiation therapy, stereotactic radiation therapy and three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy to shrink tumors while sparing important grey matter
  • Genetic, biological, hormone and immunological therapies that attack anti-progesterone and anti-estrogen receptors.

Moffitt is a founding member of the National Cancer Institute’s Adult Brain Tumor Consortium and leads a robust clinical trial program to promote evidence-based breakthroughs in brain cancer treatment. Patients who are eligible to participate in a clinical trial have access to innovative new therapies before they are made widely available. Due in part to our ambitious research initiatives, Moffitt is recognized as an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Moffitt patients and their families from Orlando, FL, and other cities outside of Tampa are invited to take advantage of discounted rates with our partner hotels. These hotels are located close to our cancer center and are committed to providing comfortable and hygienic accommodations to our patients.

Individuals from Orlando, FL, who would like to explore their brain cancer treatment options are encouraged to consult with a Moffitt physician. Schedule an appointment with or without a referral by calling 1-888-663-3488 or submitting a new patient registration form online.

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