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The Neuro-Oncology Program at Moffitt is dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of brain and spine cancers, as well as other brain-related conditions, such as central nervous system lymphoma, meningeal carcinoma and neurofibromatosis. Within this program is a multispecialty team that focuses solely on primary and metastatic brain tumors. In a single location, patients have access to a full range of supportive care alongside all of the latest clinical therapies, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy and neurosurgery.

What is a neuro-oncologist?

A neuro-oncologist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer of the brain and other parts of the nervous system. The term “neuro-oncology” comes from “neuro,” which refers to the nervous system, and “oncology,” which is the study and treatment of cancer. Neuro-oncology is a subspecialty that can be chosen by a variety of physicians, such as neurologists (physicians who treat conditions of the nervous system), medical oncologists (physicians who treat cancer with chemotherapy) or neurosurgeons (physicians trained in surgery of the nervous system), for instance. Depending on their background, neuro-oncologists are responsible for these different areas of a patient’s treatment.

Moffitt’s multispecialty team for brain cancer

At Moffitt Cancer Center, we take a comprehensive approach to brain cancer treatment. The multispecialty brain tumor team within our Neuro-Oncology Program includes physicians from all fields of treatment, such as neurosurgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, neuroradiology, neuropsychology, immunotherapy and biological therapy. Together, these experts come together as a Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board to collaborate and develop individualized treatment plans for each of our patients. This ensures that all avenues of treatment are given proper consideration and that every patient receives the ideal therapy options for the best possible outcome and quality of life.

As a high-volume cancer center, Moffitt delivers even the most advanced treatments, such as awake craniotomies and minimally invasive cranial surgeries, with significant frequency, giving our team an unparalleled level of experience. And, as a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are also known for our extensive efforts in research and our robust clinical trials program. Through this program, brain cancer patients at Moffitt have opportunities to benefit from novel treatments, such as new uses of immunotherapy and gene therapy. Moffitt is the only Comprehensive Cancer Center based in the state of Florida.

In addition to the clinical treatment our program provides, patients also have access to a full spectrum of supportive care. Our multispecialty team includes experts in managing side effects, as well as counselors, dietitians, social workers and many other professionals.

If you would like to learn more about the Neuro-Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center and our renowned multispecialty brain cancer treatment team, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. Patients are always welcome to visit Moffitt and consult with an oncologist with or without a physician referral.

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