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Breast Cancer Clinic:  Appointments in the Breast Cancer Clinic at The Center for Women’s Oncology are for patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer (including DCIS). Second opinions are also offered. Patients will meet with a breast surgeon or medical oncologist to review your medical history and develop a personalized care plan.

Breast Evaluation Clinic:  Appointments in the Breast Evaluation Clinic at Moffitt’s Screening and Prevention Center are for patients who have not been given a diagnosis of cancer but have a breast symptom or had a mammogram or ultrasound which requires additional work-up. Patients will evaluated by a nurse practitioner and radiologist and in many cases can have a biopsy the same day.

Call our New Patient Appointment Center at 1-888-663-3488 or request an appointment.

Before Your Appointment

So that patients receive the most comprehensive care from their first visit to Moffitt, our schedulers will work with you to gather records from any providers who have previously cared for you. A detailed radiology review and pathology review (if a biopsy or surgery has already been done) will be performed for each new patient, including those seeking a second opinion. 

An accurate diagnosis for you is the most important factor in making your best treatment decision. 

Pathology Review

Pathologists at Moffitt Cancer Center strive to review each case prior to your first appointment in the Breast Cancer Clinic so that you have the best information guiding your conversation with your doctor. We work with you to obtain your slides and pathology report from the facility that provided your initial diagnosis.

The slides and pathology report are required to identify potential discrepancies in the diagnosis, which are not uncommon. You can still see a Moffitt specialist if your slides and pathology report cannot be obtained. 

Your insurance will be billed directly by the Moffitt pathology department for reinterpreting the slides. Please note, if you cancel your appointment after we have reinterpreted the slides, this charge cannot be reversed.

We ask for your assistance in making the best effort to obtain a complete set of records from your prior care.

Second Opinions

We understand that you may want a second opinion prior to undergoing your first treatment. We can provide second opinions in The Center for Women’s Oncology. A second opinion provides greater certainty of a correct diagnosis, and should increase your confidence in the recommendations you have been given even if you have no interest in changing providers. 

If you have a recurrence and are seeking your next course of therapy at Moffitt, we will work with you to obtain slides and reports from the doctor or facility who first diagnosed and treated you. Facilities are required by law to keep records for 7-10 years (depending on the state) and knowing which treatments and dosing you have already tried (and did not work) will help us make the best decision for your next treatment. The notes from your prior course(s) of treatment will also indicate complications and issues that may have important bearing on your present options. We ask for your assistance in making the best effort to obtain a complete set of records from your prior care.  

Breast Cancer