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Sentinel node mapping and biopsy procedures are available for breast cancer patients from Kissimmee, Florida at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. During this surgery, which is usually performed along with a mastectomy, surgeons will inject a radioactive blue dye that will identify sentinel nodes to remove for additional testing. As the sample is processed in our on-site pathology lab, our team will be able to determine if a patient’s cancer has spread beyond a primary tumor. This procedure is an improvement upon invasive axillary dissections, which include a greater risk of side effects. Due in part to innovative techniques like this biopsy, Moffitt has helped improve the lives of thousands of patients.

At Moffitt, we offer every type of diagnostic, preventative and treatment-oriented cancer surgery available, including breast cancer surgeries, and all are performed by our highly skilled, fellowship-trained surgeons. In addition to our talented surgeons and the advanced techniques we use, there are a number of other reasons why Moffitt stands out as an exceptional cancer center for those from Kissimmee, FL and beyond, including: 

  • Our tumor board of cancer specialists who meet weekly to review each patient’s case. This allows our patients to benefit from multiple expert opinions without the need for referrals.
  • Patients receive all components of their treatment and supportive care at one convenient location.
  • Patients have exclusive access to new drugs and treatment techniques that are available through our clinical trials.
  • We consistently achieve a patient satisfaction rate of more than 95 percent.

Because traveling from city to city during such a challenging time can be difficult, we have partnered with several nearby hotels in order to make our patients’ time with us as comfortable as possible. These hotels all meet or exceed our strict hygiene and inflectional control standards. Even more, patients receive discounted rates. 

Breast cancer patients from Kissimmee, FL and elsewhere who would like to learn more about sentinel node mapping and biopsy procedures at Moffitt Cancer Center can call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out a new patient registration form online. No referrals are necessary.

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