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Women in Cape Coral, Florida, who have breast cancer and are considering a total mastectomy are encouraged to consult with the experts at Moffitt Cancer Center, located just a short drive away in Tampa. Moffitt is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida, a testament to our dedication to continually developing new and better cancer treatment methods. We offer individualized breast cancer treatment, and we take a multispecialty approach to ensure the best outcome for each patient. Our cancer specialists work collaboratively as a tumor board to review each patient’s case weekly and make adjustments, if needed. Our unique approach also allows our patients to receive several expert opinions before electing a total mastectomy. 

The surgical removal of an entire breast, or total mastectomy, may be performed for a variety of reasons, including to address a primary breast cancer, as a preventive measure for women who have been identified as having an elevated risk of developing breast cancer or to treat breast cancer recurrence. No matter the reason, at Moffitt, you can rest assured that our surgeons have performed thousands of total mastectomy surgeries, and their skills increase with each operation. Additional benefits of trusting Moffitt with your total mastectomy surgery include: 

  • Treatment exclusively by experienced and fellowship-trained surgeons -- Moffitt is the third-largest cancer center in the nation based on patient volume, and our surgeons have unparalleled experience in their respective areas of expertise
  • Highly successful treatment plans -- Moffitt consistently ranks more than 95 percent in patient satisfaction for our ability to successfully treat all forms of breast cancer
  • Favorable cosmetic outcomes -- Each surgical team includes skilled plastic surgeons who can perform breast reconstruction if elected by a patient after a total mastectomy

When residents of Cape Coral travel to Moffitt seeking expert treatment and compassionate care, we can help reduce some of the stress associated with traveling. For the convenience of our out-of-town patients, we have partnered with several local hotels that meet or exceed our infection control and hygiene standards and offer our patients discounted rates. 

Cape Coral residents who would like to learn more about total mastectomy surgery at Moffitt Cancer Center can call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out our online new patient registration form. No referral is needed to make an appointment at our breast clinic.

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