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The exact causes of glioblastoma are mostly unknown. Only about 5 percent of cases can be traced to an inherited condition, with the remaining 95 percent having no specific known causes. A glioblastoma is an aggressive brain tumor that can progress rapidly. Therefore, regardless of the exact cause, seeking treatment as early as possible is the best course of action. For individuals in Tampa, Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center offers a full range of diagnostic and treatment services in a single, convenient location.

While glioblastoma causes are not fully understood, research has shown that this form of tumor shows more genetic abnormalities than other types of brain cancer. These genetic abnormalities may develop as a result of genetic, environmental or occupational factors, such as:

  • Repeated exposure to carcinogens or other chemicals
  • High-dose exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Inherited DNA defects
  • Other triggers that have not yet been identified

Genetic mutations from these or other influences can cause a cell to become cancerous, replicating itself unchecked and eventually developing into a tumor. Tumors within the brain have an ample blood supply and can even grow their own blood vessels, contributing to their rapid growth.

At Moffitt, the medical experts within our Neuro-Oncology Program continue to advance research of glioblastoma causes and treatments. Our patients have access to the latest treatment options through our robust clinical trial program. We encourage eligible patients in Tampa, FL, to consider participating in a clinical trial, which may explore a new diagnostic test or an innovative treatment option. Moffitt is committed to advancing research and treatment options for glioblastoma and other types of cancer. Because of our efforts, we have been designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute and are the only such center based in Florida.

To learn more about glioblastoma causes, diagnosis and treatment options, schedule an appointment at Moffitt in Tampa, FL, by filling out a new patient registration form online or calling 1-888-663-3488.