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Moffitt Cancer Center provides a comprehensive range of lung cancer screening services near Sun City, Florida. With three locations for screening exams in nearby Tampa, Moffitt makes it easy for at-risk individuals (including current and former smokers) to be proactive in monitoring their health. By administering routine imaging scans and physical exams, we help patients detect abnormal changes as early as possible, when survival outcomes and quality of life are typically the most favorable.

The primary test used for lung cancer screening is a high-definition CT scan, the result of which can show even the smallest changes in a patient’s lung tissue. If a potential tumor is detected, additional testing can then be performed to determine if the abnormality is cancerous. (In some cases, screenings produce a “false positive” result, in which no cancerous changes are present, despite an abnormal finding on a patient’s CT scan).

At Moffitt, each patient’s screening is performed by a highly experienced oncologist who can also provide:

  • Risk-reduction recommendations
  • Smoking cessation assistance
  • An individualized schedule for future screenings
  • Follow-up testing, such as additional imaging scans or tissue biopsies

Screening results are evaluated by a collaborative team of experts. In the event that a lung cancer diagnosis is made, patients can also discuss their treatment options with our highly regarded oncologists and pulmonologists. Moffitt provides a full scope of services, from preventive screenings and diagnostic services to surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and novel treatments, all under one roof. We are located just a short drive away from Sun City and are one of the nearest Lung Cancer Alliance Screening Centers of Excellence.

For more information about Moffitt’s lung cancer screening program, call 1-888-663-3488 or submit a new patient registration form online. We welcome patients from Sun City, FL, with or without physicians’ referrals.

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