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A man rubs his throat

Throat or oral cavity cancers most commonly develop from the thin, flat cells in the tissues that line the mouth and throat. As the most common type of head and neck cancer, throat or oral cancers are divided into four categories: oral cavity, oropharyngeal, laryngeal and hypopharyngeal. 

Choosing a Throat Cancer Surgery Specialist in Florida

Treatments for throat cancer are dependent on the stage of cancer and the health of the patient. When surgery is recommended as part of your treatment plan you want to be sure you have found a provider and a team you can trust. 

Experience & Expertise

When talking to your provider about throat cancer surgery options, be sure to ask about your doctor’s experience. How long have they been treating throat cancer and how often does the surgeon perform this particular surgery? How long will you need to be in recovery? Are there resources available to help with recovery?

Available Treatments

Individuals with early-stage throat cancer may be treated using surgery or radiation therapy while later-stage cancers may need a combination of therapy. It’s important to talk to your provider about all surgical options available and how surgery ties into your comprehensive care.

Why Choose Moffitt for Throat Cancer Surgery

Moffitt Cancer Center is a high-volume cancer center with a team that specializes in all oral cavity and throat cancers. The experts in our Head and Neck Oncology Program offer patients the most advanced treatment options in Florida and unmatched expertise.  

Range of Treatments

As a leader in surgical innovation, Moffitt’s team of fellowship-trained oral cavity and throat cancer surgeons are highly skilled at multiple surgical techniques and other procedures for addressing oral cavity cancer. This includes:  

  • Laser surgery
  • Vocal cord stripping
  • Cordectomy
  • Hemilaryngectomy
  • Supraglottic laryngectomy
  • Total laryngectomy
  • Pharyngectomy 
  • Lymph node removal e.
  • Gastrostomy tube 
  • Reconstructive procedures 

Dedicated and Knowledgeable Team

At Moffitt, your surgeon is part of a larger multispecialty team to provide you with a personalized treatment plan. All of the experts involved with your treatment will be under the same roof and collaboratively approach your care. Our team consists of radiologists, pathologists, medical oncologists, head and neck surgeons, radiation oncologists, pharmacists and supportive care providers.  

Many of these experts are also involved with oral cavity and throat cancer research behind the scenes and in the lab making them knowledgeable in the latest treatments for throat cancer. Due to this dedication to scientific research and innovation, Moffitt is the only NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center based in the state of Florida.

Patient and Family-Centered Care

In addition to the treatment plan, our cancer specialists can also recommend strategies to enhance a patient’s quality of life. Whether that’s speech and swallowing rehabilitation, creating a prosthetic to adapt to changes in the throat or using our support group services. Our clinical and supportive care teams view our patients and their families as partners ensuring they take an active role in their own care. 

With multiple locations across the Tampa Bay area, Moffitt offers our center also offers a full range of support services to our patients and their families whether they are physical, spiritual or emotional.

To discuss your throat cancer treatment options, call 1-888-663-3488 to schedule a consultation or complete a new patient registration form online. We provide every new patient access to a cancer expert within one day. 

Oral Cavity or Throat Cancer