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Women in Orlando, FL, who need an omentectomy as a part of their ovarian cancer treatment can get the care they need at Moffitt Cancer Center, located just a short drive away in Tampa. Our highly experienced and fellowship-trained surgeons have helped thousands of patients get the individualized treatment they need to fight cancer and improve their quality of life. Our surgeons perform many different procedures, including operations that use state-of-the-art options like robotic systems and minimally invasive techniques. The surgical expertise we offer is virtually unmatched, and because we perform such a high volume of successful omentectomy surgeries to treat ovarian cancer, our surgeons can make the difference in increasing a patient’s chances of a favorable outcome and improved quality of life.

In addition to our surgical excellence, there are many other reasons to choose Moffitt for an omentectomy or other forms of surgical ovarian cancer treatment. Consider:

  • Our multispecialty approach to care – Each of our patients has a team of cancer specialists who will work together to monitor and adjust their ovarian cancer treatment plan as needed. This team, which meets each week as a collaborative tumor board, consists of oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, reproductive endocrinologists, radiation oncologists, nurses and other supportive care workers.
  • Our national prestige – Moffitt has been designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center – the only such center based in Florida – by the National Cancer Institute. This accolade recognizes our devotion to discovering and developing new and more effective cancer treatments and implementing them before they are widely available in other settings.
  • Our hospitality – Our patients don’t have to worry about the logistics of traveling from Orlando to Tampa to receive care from Moffitt, because we’re here to help with the details. We are partnered with several hotels located near our cancer center that meet or exceed our stringent standards for hygiene and infection control, so patients can feel safe and comfortable, and focus on what’s really important: their health and well-being.

Any woman in the Orlando, FL, area who wants to learn more about having an omentectomy and receiving treatment for ovarian cancer at Moffitt can call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our new patient registration form online. We never require a referral from patients who wish to meet with our specialists.

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