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Men living in or near Oviedo, Florida, needing prostate cancer surgery can receive treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center, a renowned cancer treatment center based just a short drive away in Tampa. At Moffitt, we will consult with prostate cancer patients and their families with or without a referral. Our collaborative approach to cancer treatment and patient care, combined with our robust clinical trials program and stellar reputation, draws talented physicians from around the world, and ensures that our patients receive the very best treatments and therapies available. 

At Moffitt Cancer Center, our surgeons are skilled in performing a number of prostate cancer surgery techniques. The optimal approach for a patient will depend on his health, cancer diagnosis and other personal factors considered by a tumor board. This multispecialty team of cancer experts oversees every aspect of a patient’s individualized treatment plan, and if surgery is appropriate, may recommend one of the following options: 

  • Traditional surgery – A surgeon removes the prostate through an incision in the lower abdomen (retropubic prostatectomy) or in the perineum (perineal prostatectomy). If a patient’s lymph nodes and other nearby tissues are affected by the cancer, the surgeon may remove them as well.
  • Laparoscopic prostatectomy – Through tiny incisions in the abdomen, a surgeon removes the prostate gland and a small amount of surrounding healthy tissue using specialized surgical instruments. When appropriate, our fellowship-trained surgeons can utilize robot-assisted techniques to enhance precision and maneuverability.
  • Radio-frequency ablation – This minimally invasive procedure involves the application of heat to destroy parts of the prostate affected by cancer. Using imaging technology, a surgeon can guide a needle electrode into a tumor with pinpoint accuracy to deliver high-frequency electrical currents.
  • Cryoablation – Guided by ultrasound or other imaging techniques, a surgeon can insert small probes into an affected region of the prostate and freeze the tissues in order to shrink or destroy a tumor.

In addition to offering advanced techniques for treating prostate cancer, Moffitt Cancer Center provides a full array of supportive care services, such as dietary instruction, counseling and more. We also have information on area hotels that uphold our strict hygiene and infection control standards, so our patients don’t have to worry about finding the right accommodations during their treatments. Many of these hotels offer discounted rates for our patients and their families. 

To learn more about the prostate cancer surgery options available at Moffitt or to schedule a consultation, call Moffitt Cancer Center at 1-888-663-3488, or fill out our online patient registration form. We’re honored to help patients from Oviedo, FL, and throughout the country in the battle against cancer.

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