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A robotic prostatectomy can be an effective alternative to an open prostatectomy for removing a cancerous prostate gland. When performing this minimally invasive procedure, a surgeon uses finely controlled robotic instruments, including high-resolution cameras and micro-surgical tools. This sophisticated system scales, filters and translates a surgeon’s natural hand and wrist movements into highly precise instrument movements, filtering out even the slightest tremors and unpredictable movements that naturally occur in human hands. In addition to a high level of accuracy, a robotic prostatectomy can provide a surgeon with enhanced visibility and dexterity.

When a surgeon operates within the confined space of the pelvis, even today’s most advanced laparoscopic instruments cannot completely replicate many of the subtle hand movements that are required to remove a prostate, such as reaching behind tissues and suturing. The motion scaling that occurs during a robotic prostatectomy procedure allows for far greater surgical precision. As compared to an open prostatectomy, there are several other benefits of the robotic prostatectomy. For instance:

  • The operation is performed through a series of small incisions, which can reduce the risk of surgical complications, such as excessive bleeding and infection, and result in a better cosmetic outcome.
  • Using fine, computer-controlled movements, a surgeon can precisely work around the delicate prostate nerves that control bladder and sexual functions.
  • In general, patients typically require less post-operative catheterization following a robotic prostatectomy.
  • Because post-operative discomfort is minimized through a robotic prostatectomy, a patient’s hospital stay is generally shorter and the patient can usually return to regular activities sooner.

Moffitt Cancer Center treats many patients for prostate cancer, and this translates directly to a highly refined level of surgical expertise. Our surgeons perform more robotic prostatectomy procedures and other types of prostate cancer surgery than the surgeons at most other cancer centers, and patients continue to turn to us for highly individualized treatment and world-class supportive care.

To learn more about the latest advances in prostate cancer treatment, including the robotic prostatectomy procedure, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. Referrals are not required to consult with our expert oncologists, who can answer your questions and recommend the best treatment approach for you.


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