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Prostate cancer patients from the Cape Coral, FL, area who are interested in TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) surgery can receive treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Our fellowship-trained surgeons excel at the complex procedures our patients often require, and they have high rates of success in surgical outcomes. Our specialists have performed a high volume of all types of surgical procedures, including minimally invasive procedures such as robotic surgery, pain procedures, laser surgery and TURP procedures. 

Our skilled surgeons and other experts compose our tumor board of cancer specialists who meet weekly to review each patient’s case. These collaborative reviews ensure that we provide individualized treatment plans allowing our patients, including those having TURP surgery, to receive multiple expert opinions without the need for referrals. Prostate cancer patients from Cape Coral, FL and beyond can expect the following team members to be a part of their treatment and care while at Moffitt:

  • Oncologists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Surgeons
  • Nurses
  • Lab personnel
  • Pharmacists
  • Social workers

Eligible prostate cancer patients are also granted exclusive access to promising new drugs and techniques that are only available through our clinical trials. 

In order to help make our patients’ time with us as comfortable as possible, we have partnered with a number of nearby hotels that meet or exceed our strict hygiene and infection control standards. Additionally, these accommodations offer our patients, including those undergoing TURP surgery for prostate cancer, discounted rates for added convenience. 

Prostate cancer patients from the Cape Coral, FL, area who are interested in TURP surgery and other prostate cancer treatment options, can call 1-888-663-3488 or complete a new patient registration form online. We accept patients with or without referrals. 

Prostate Cancer