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Those with prostate cancer from Kissimmee, FL, who are interested in TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) surgery are welcome to seek treatment from the experts at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Our surgical outcomes for men with prostate cancer have been highly successful due to our fellowship-trained surgeons and our innovative techniques. Our experienced surgeons have performed a high volume of surgeries within their specialties – each surgeon works exclusively with a particular tumor site – and in doing so have helped improve the quality of life of thousands of patients. 

In addition to having a team of top-notch surgeons, Moffitt also stands out as an exceptional cancer center due to the multispecialty approach we take in the treatment of our patients. Instead of one doctor overseeing a patient, we have a whole team of experts involved with the treatment and care of those at our center. This approach also allows our patients to benefit from multiple expert opinions without the need to visit several different clinics. Additional reasons why Moffitt Cancer Center is a leading treatment destination for those interested in TURP surgery from Kissimmee, FL, and beyond include: 

  • Surgeons use minimally invasive and nerve-sparing techniques whenever possible
  • Our patients, including those having TURP surgery, receive highly individualized treatment plans
  • Exclusive access to promising drugs and techniques can be obtained through our clinical trials
  • We consistently rank more than 95 percent in patient satisfaction
  • All services of treatment and care are available at one convenient location

We understand that traveling during such a difficult time can prove challenging. Because of this we have partnered with a number of nearby hotels that hold our patients’ care and comfort to the same high standards that we do. Our patients, including those undergoing TURP surgery, can rest assured that these hotels meet or exceed out stringent hygiene and infection control standards. Even more, these hotels offer discounted rates to our patients.

Prostate cancer patients from the Kissimmee, FL, area that are interested in TURP surgery can call 1-888-663-3488 or fill out our online new patient registration form. Patients never need referrals to meet with our oncologists. 

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