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Residents of Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, who require skin cancer surgery can turn to Moffitt Cancer Center for advanced surgical treatments. Located in Tampa, Moffitt is the only Florida-based Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute. These distinctions speak to the expertise of our skin cancer surgeons, who practice the latest surgical techniques designed to minimize scarring and healthy tissue loss and provide an enhanced treatment experience for our patients.

Surgery is the most common form of skin cancer treatment. It is also the only form of treatment needed in the majority of cases, since most nonmelanoma skin cancers do not spread beyond the original tumor site. Based on a patient’s treatment preferences and the type and extent of a cancer, a number of surgical techniques may be utilized to destroy cancerous tumors in the skin, including: 

  • Electrodessication and curettage – A tumor is removed using a spoon-shaped tool, and subsequent bleeding is controlled with a gentle electrical current
  • Laser surgery – An intense but thin beam of light is used to remove a tumor
  • Cryosurgery – A tumor is exposed to a freezing agent (such as a gas) and destroyed
  • Mohs surgery – A tumor is removed and examined one layer at a time until no evidence of cancerous activity is present
  • Dermabrasion – Tiny, polishing granules are applied with friction to remove a tumor

Patients who travel from Fort Myers or Naples, FL, to undergo skin cancer surgery at Moffitt can take advantage of reduced rates at our partner hotels. These hotels meet or exceed our stringent standards for hygiene and hospitality, and are committed to providing our patients with a safe and comfortable environment. Many of our partner hotels also offer free shuttle services to and from Moffitt.

If you reside in Fort Myers or Naples, FL, and would like speak with a Moffitt physician regarding skin cancer surgery, call 1-888-663-3488 or complete our online new patient registration form. Referrals are not required to consult with the experts at Moffitt.

Skin Cancer (Nonmelanoma)