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Dinorah  Martinez Tyson

Dinorah Martinez Tyson, PhD, MPH, MA

Research Program: Health Outcomes & Behavior Program

  • Overview

    As an applied medical anthropologist, I bring cross-cultural perspectives to the study of cancer health disparities as well as extensive experience in qualitative, ethnographic, and mixed methods research. My program of research has consistently focused on understanding the influence of socio-cultural factors on health and to develop and identify the best models and methods for adapting instrumentation and proven interventions to address health disparities across the cancer continuum. 


    • Health Outcomes & Behavior Program

    Education & Training


    • Northern Arizona University, MA - Applied Anthropology
    • University of South Florida, MPH - Public Health Education, Epidemiology
    • University of Florida, PhD - Applied Anthropology
  • Research Interest

      She has worked to develop and culturally adapt evidence-based interventions to address the psychosocial and information needs of Hispanic patients. For example, she led an exploratory sequential mixed method study, which employed a series of iterative and group consensus-building approaches, to translate and culturally adapt the previously validated CaSUN measure into Spanish, for Latino cancer survivors. In addition, she also worked to culturally adapt and evaluate a patient self-administered stress-management training intervention for Hispanic/Latina breast cancer patients and education tools to promote cancer screening. She also has extensive experience in program evaluation and has conducted process and outcome evaluation for several National Cancer Institute and CDC funded health disparities initiatives, including the Tampa Bay Community Cancer Network, Cancer, and Culture and Literacy Training Institute and Florida Prevention Research Center. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has worked closely with various community-based organizations to address health disparities among ethnic minorities and underserved populations in the United States as well as Latin America (e.g., Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Panama). Her community experience has also provided her with invaluable insights about partnership and coalition building processes. Dr. Martinez Tyson is also a volunteer with Latinos Unidos por Un Nuevo Amanecer, Inc. a non-profit organization that provides support to Latinos diagnosed with cancer and Campamento Alegria, a 3-Day integrative program for Latina cancer survivors. She is currently working with faculty across COPH on the Salud Latina Initiative to address Latino health disparities. Dr. Martinez Tyson has an outstanding mentorship record and serves as the major/co-major professor of several doctoral students. She is the recipient of the 2020 Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Award and the Excellence in Teaching Award, College of Public Health in 2017. She enjoys teaching and mentoring students immensely. She has extensive experience in qualitative methods and currently teaches three graduate level qualitative methods courses in the College of Public Health and has served as the qualitative lead on several NIH funded projects and qualitative content expert on numerous dissertation committees across USF. Dr. Martinez Tyson’s work has appeared in the journals CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, Journal of Cancer Education, Health Promotion Practice, Social Science and Medicine and Cancer Control Journal. She is an associate editor for the Journal Ethnicity and Health.  

  • Publications

    • Meade CD, Stanley NB, Arevalo M, Tyson DM, Chavarria EA, Aguado Loi CX, Rivera M, Gutierrez L, Abdulla R, Christy SM, Gwede CK. Transcreation matters: A learner centric participatory approach for adapting cancer prevention messages for Latinos. Patient Educ Couns. 2023 Oct.115:107888. Pubmedid: 37463555.
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    • Marshall VK, Chavez M, Efre A, Lake PW, Rigg KK, Lubrano B, Pabbathi S, Rajasekhara S, Tyson DM. Barriers to Adequate Pain Control and Opioid Use Among Cancer Survivors: Implications for Nursing Practice. Cancer Nurs. 2023 Aug.46(5):386-393. Pubmedid: 37607374. Pmcid: PMC10232667.
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    • Chavez MN, Tyson DM, Lake PW, Gutierrez A, Sherry P, Rigg KK, Marshall V, Henderson H, Rajasekhara S, Pabbathi S, Lubrano B. 'They say you can get addicted': Exploring factors that fuel the fear of addiction to prescription opioids among cancer survivors. Eur J Cancer Care (Engl). 2022 May.31(3):e13582. Pubmedid: 35354227.
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    • Marshall VK, Chavez M, Efre A, Lake PW, Rigg KK, Lubrano B, Pabbathi S, Rajasekhara S, Tyson DM. Barriers to Adequate Pain Control and Opioid Use Among Cancer Survivors: Implications for Nursing Practice. Cancer Nurs. 2022 Dec. Pubmedid: 36480307.
    • Adashek JJ, Jordan A, Redwine LS, Tyson DM, Thompson Z, Pabbathi S. Pan-cancer analysis of fear of cancer recurrence among cancer survivors. ESMO Open. 2022 Aug.7(4):100528. Pubmedid: 35780591. Pmcid: PMC9463169.
    • Marshall VK, Chavez M, Mason TM, Martinez-Tyson D. Emergency preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic: Perceptions of oncology professionals and implications for nursing management from a qualitative study. J Nurs Manag. 2021 Sep.29(6):1375-1384. Pubmedid: 34174005. Pmcid: PMC8420290.
    • Marshall VK, Chavez MN, Mason TM, Martinez Tyson D. The Use of Telehealth to Provide Continuity of Cancer Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Advantages, Disparities, and Implications to Promote Health Equity. Hosp Top. 2021 Jul.100(4):166-176. Pubmedid: 34218752.
    • Tyson DM, Chavez MN, Lubrano B, Lake P, Gutierrez A, Marshall VK, Rigg KK, Henderson H, Pabbathi S, Sherry P, Rajasekhara S. Correction to: Understanding Cancer Survivors' Educational Needs about Prescription Opioid Medications: Implications for Cancer Education and Health Literacy. J Cancer Educ. 2021 Aug.36(4):893. Pubmedid: 34143414.
    • Aguado Loi CX, Martinez Tyson D, Chavarria EA, Gutierrez L, Klasko L, Davis S, Lopez D, Johns T, Meade CD, Gwede CK. 'Simple and easy:' providers' and latinos' perceptions of the fecal immunochemical test (FIT) for colorectal cancer screening. Ethn Health. 2020 Feb.25(2):206-221. Pubmedid: 29319331. Pmcid: PMC6513709.
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    • Miller KD, Goding Sauer A, Ortiz AP, Fedewa SA, Pinheiro PS, Tortolero-Luna G, Martinez-Tyson D, Jemal A, Siegel RL. Cancer Statistics for Hispanics/Latinos, 2018. CA-Cancer J Clin. 2018 Nov.68(6):425-445. Pubmedid: 30285281.
    • Lee MS, Martinez D, Gonzales BD, Small BJ, Lechner SC, Antoni MH, Vinard A, Krause M, Meade C, Jacobsen PB. Anxiety and depression in Spanish-speaking Latina cancer patients prior to starting chemotherapy. Psychooncology. 2018 Jan.27(1):333-338. Pubmedid: 28557067. Pmcid: PMC5709270.
    • Martinez Tyson D, Medina-Ramirez P, Vázquez-Otero C, Gwede CK, Babilonia MB, McMillan SC. Initial evaluation of the validity and reliability of the culturally adapted Spanish CaSUN (S-CaSUN). J Cancer Surviv. 2018 Aug.12(4):509-518. Pubmedid: 29623531. Pmcid: PMC6092044.
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