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Research in Progress

The Total Cancer Care Study is at the heart of an integrated approach to follow patients through their lifetimes, relying on bringing together patients, doctors and researchers to change the way we think about cancer. The study collects tissue and information from each patient throughout their life journey and aims to meet all of the needs of the patient. The vast amount of information is organized in a way that enriches most areas of cancer research.

The examples of planned and ongoing research are broad in nature as researchers leverage immense amounts of information in the data warehouse and tissue repository in partnership with enroll patients. Innovative research based on the Total Cancer Care Study includes the following types of research:

  • Developing better diagnostic tools through new imaging modalities.
  • Utilizing genetic and molecular information for genomics, proteomics and nanotechnology projects to better understand the causes of cancer. This may lead to improved diagnosis and prognosis.
  • Developing personalized multimodality therapies for more effective treatment options.
  • Developing clinical trials based on new drugs or innovative treatment regimens for patients who are more likely to respond to specialized treatment.
  • Better meeting the ongoing needs of survivors and their families through patient-centered outcomes research.
  • Developing studies evaluating risk factors, genetic predispositions, early detection and health disparities to better understand the multiple factors the contribute to risk.
  • Evaluating the most effective ways to prevent cancer by studying the impact of factors such as lifestyle, nutrition and education.

As the research continues, we look forward to sharing the research that was made possible by all of the participants who enrolled in the TCC study. We hope to share a new eLetter with you at least every six months moving forward including general information about the ongoing study, details about past and present studies using the valuable information donated from participants, and participant journey spotlights.