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Jose R. Conejo-Garcia, MD, PhD

Academic Rank: Senior Member



    • Immunology
    • Gynecologic Oncology
    • Immunology

Education & Training


  • University of Zaragoza, MD -
  • Hospital Universitario De Guadalajara, Resident - Clinical Chemistry
  • University of Alcala, PhD -
  • University of Bern, Fellow -
  • IPF Pharmaceuticals, Fellow -
  • University of Pennsylvania, Fellow -

The goal of Dr. Conejo-Garcia’s research program is to identify and target mechanisms governing the balance between immunosuppression and protective immunity in the tumor microenvironment, with an emphasis on the role of cancer-driven pathological myelopoiesis. By combining clinical information and specimens with mechanistic studies in mouse models, Dr. Conejo-Garcia’s research program has contributed to elucidate most of the mechanisms driving protective immunity against ovarian cancer that have been unveiled in recent years, as demonstrated by dozens of recent articles that total thousands of citations. This research traces its roots to his postdoctoral work, when Dr. Coukos’ laboratory unveiled the role of spontaneous T-cell responses in ovarian cancer patients. Current priorities in the lab include the characterization of novel mechanisms of immune checkpoint inhibition in the tumor microenvironment, the role of commensal microorganisms in the orchestration of tumor-promoting vs. anti-tumor inflammatory responses; the identification of novel tumor antigens different from point mutations; and the dissection of novel epigenetic mechanisms driving anti-tumor immune responses. Dr. Conejo-Garcia’s laboratory keeps looking forward to moving basic discoveries to clinical testing for the benefit of Moffitt’s patients.


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