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Interested in a career in cancer research? We are interested in recruiting scholars who have a profound interest in preventing, treating and curing cancer, as well as those who would like to help patients in their struggle to beat the disease.

Moffitt Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida. As a Comprehensive Cancer Center, our research enterprise offers training and education in numerous areas key in the fight against cancer. 

Postdoctoral Training 

Postdoctoral researchers at Moffitt work under the guidance of outstanding faculty mentors in various aspects of cancer research, including: Cancer Biology and Evolution, Cancer Epidemiology, Molecular Medicine, Health Outcomes and Behavior and Immunology. Requirement: completed your Ph.D. (or an equivalent degree program).

Graduate Training 

Moffitt Cancer Center provides several research education and training opportunities to help advance the careers of promising scholars who are interested in sharing our mission, which is "to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer." By providing access to cutting-edge research facilities and the collaborative, interdisciplinary environment of Moffitt, we hope to produce strong, successful candidates for research positions throughout the scientific community.  

Undergraduate and High School