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TRIP offers several opportunities for smokers in the community and nationwide to participate in research. The nature of these studies changes over time. Some studies might take less than an hour while others might be ongoing for months. Participation may involve being interviewed, completing questionnaires and laboratory tasks, and/or smoking in the laboratory. Participants are often paid for their participation. Below are the ongoing studies, some of which are open to recruitment.


Facilitating Smoking Cessation with Reduced Nicotine Content Cigarettes

Cigarette Smokers Interested in Quitting Needed for Research Study! 

If you are a current cigarette smoker, you may qualify for a study conducted at the Moffitt Cancer Center by the Tobacco Research and Intervention Program (TRIP). Participants will receive treatment to help quit smoking at no cost! 

You will be compensated for your time and effort. If you are interested or want more information, please contact:

Countdown Study

Enhancing Long-Term Smoking Abstinence Among Cervical CancEr SurvivorS (Project ACCESS)

The goal of Project ACCESS is to evaluate the efficacy of a novel, extended smoking cessation treatment for survivors of cervical cancer and CIN that combines telephone counseling with extended, personalized text messaging. Participants are randomized to one of two different telephone counseling approaches, and all participants receive 12 weeks of combination nicotine replacement therapy (patches + lozenges). Participants are followed for two years.

Motivating Smoking Cessation and Relapse Prevention among Lung Cancer Patients: Helping and Empowering pAtients for Living a life Smoke-free (Project HEALS)

The goal of Project HEALS is to evaluate the efficacy of a novel and flexible phone counseling intervention for smoking cessation combined with a web-based video intended to prevent smoking relapse. Participants are lung cancer patients at Moffitt. Participants are randomly to one of two phone counseling interventions for smoking cessation. All participants receive 12 weeks of combination nicotine replacement therapy (patches + lozenges) and are followed for 6 months.

Individuals interested in learning more about Project RESOURCE can click the following link: This will take them to the initial questionnaire for screening