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Thank you for scheduling your upcoming appointment with the Head and Neck-Endocrine Oncology Clinic. This important letter is sent to all our new patients as an introduction and a guide to what may take place with your first visit to our clinic. 

Our clinic is multi-disciplinary and your treatment team will include providers and clinical staff that will work together to deliver the best and most comprehensive care to you. Advanced Practice Professionals are integral members of our treatment team. During the continuum of your care, you may be seen by one of our physician assistants or nurse practitioners, who will coordinate care with your primary Moffitt physician. Along with our highly skilled team of professionals, our cancer center has the very best options for treatment as well as a vast array of on-going clinical research. In addition to conventional standard of care treatments, we offer clinical trials, which may be the best and most effective way to treat your cancer while contributing to the prevention and cure of cancer in the future. 

Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to help obtain or send any outside records, including imaging, laboratory, and pathology information. Having this information at the onset helps to create an appropriate treatment plan in a short time. Please create an account on the Moffitt patient portal to complete your patient questionnaire, review upcoming appointments and lab results. The patient portal can be accessed at

At your appointment, we would like to hear about any treatments you have been receiving or have received. We will ask you questions to help assess your current health condition. We may talk about clinical trials, the reason behind them and if one would be appropriate for you. Your condition will be presented to our multi-disciplinary conference where a room of highly specialized practitioners will review your individual case to determine the best options available for you. 

Together, we will develop a treatment plan that will enable you to work toward your own goals. We look forward to meeting you and working together to make some important decisions about your health care.    


Your Moffitt Treatment Team

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