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You may be thinking about getting a second opinion if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. The news can be difficult to process, and requesting input from a second specialist can help ease your fears. In some cases, a secondary evaluation can also provide additional information that could ultimately change the direction of your treatment plan, resulting in better, more targeted care.

Requesting a second opinion from the experts at Moffitt Cancer Center can be especially valuable if:

  •  You’ve been diagnosed with a rare or unusual type of cancer that can be particularly difficult to identify, such as Kaposi’s sarcoma, malignant mesothelioma or medullary breast cancer
  • You’re not comfortable with the information, whether it’s the explanation of your cancer, the recommended treatment plan or the experience the physician has in treating patients with your particular type of cancer
  • You’ve been receiving treatment for several months, but your cancer has not responded to your current regimen.

 At Moffitt Cancer Center, we understand that a second opinion can be important for a number of different reasons. We welcome patients in all stages of the diagnostic process – including those who have already been diagnosed but would like to request a secondary assessment. No referral is necessary to meet with our team.

 When you come to Moffitt for a second opinion, you’ll be seen by oncologists who specialize in your specific condition. Our multispecialty team will review your records and diagnostic work, and then order any additional tests that might be necessary to achieve a better understanding of your situation. From there, we’ll be able to confirm – or rule out – your initial diagnosis, and make a tailored recommendation for your treatment.

 To set up a time to get a second opinion from one of our expert oncologists, call 1-888-663-3488 or request an appointment online.


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